Terrorism Cover
Terrorism Cover

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Terrorism And The Psychoanalytic Space – International Perspectives From Ground Zero

by Joseph A. Cancelmo

  • Author : Joseph A. Cancelmo
  • Version : 2003
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  • Terrorism Cover
    Paperback Edition
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In a world that has changed since the horrifying and tragic events of September 11, 2001, there is a sharply felt need for understanding and taming the dark forces of prejudice, ethnic hatred, and violence. Bringing together a team of international experts, this volume offers a searching consideration of such issues from a multidisciplinary perspective. It addresses the psychosocial aftermath of terrorism, the impact of war upon children, the effect of terror on the capacity of symbolization, the dilemmas of identity in traumatized populations, the destabilization of attachment processes in extreme conditions, and the transmission of unthinkable burdens to the next generation. Poignant, experience-near, and thoughtful, the various contributions of this book constitute a harmonious gestalt of concern, reparative drive, and wisdom.

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Editors: Joseph A. Cancelmo, Psy.D., Isaa Tylim, Psy.D., Joan Hoffenberf, Ph.D., and Hattie Myers, Ph.D
Price: $30.00
Paperback, 2003
185 pages